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Payroll Services

We design every program to meet our clients’ demands. Our powerful and flexible payroll system gives you complete control of all your company information, while eliminating the burden of payroll preparation in house.

At USA Payroll, we realize that every company has unique requirements. And that your payroll services must be flexible enough to accommodate these needs.







Tree of Services

We understand the need to be flexible. Swaying and bending to meet a client’s particular needs is what separates us from other payroll companies.  Providing and maintaining a high level of support and services is our main goal to ensure we exceed your expectations while staying connected to your needs.  To find out just how flexible USA Payroll's services really are, ask your Sales Representative.


We value the opportunity to meet with our clients and would be happy to review your current products and share with you new products that are available. 


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The professionals at USA Payroll will help you pick and choose the products and services that meet your payroll needs. You’ll have complete control over your company information while eliminating the burden of processing and maintaining your payroll in house.

Payroll Products & Services Payroll System Features

Certified Payroll Reporting

Check Signing

Check Stuffing & Pressure Sealed


Company Logo on Checks

Direct Deposit/Payroll Debit Cards

EFT Child Support

Electronic Tax Service for All States

Employee Self Service

General Ledger Interface

Job Costing

Labor Distribution

Customized Time & Attendance

Time Off Accrual and Reporting

Employee Pay Card Service

Trust Account Services

All Reports Available in PDF Format

Automatic Billing

Custom Reports

Paperless Payroll Service Options

Prevailing Wage Reporting

Reports Available for Fiscal Years & Years that Wrap

Tax Payment Verification Reports

Unlimited & Custom Designed Earning & Deduction codes

Web Based Payroll

24 Hour Access to All Quarterly & Annual Return Information

Payroll Processing
Every pay period USA Payroll will process and provide you with payroll checks and earning statements, direct deposit report, standard reports including a payroll register with year to date information and update all federal and state tax fields. In addition we will work closely with you to create any additional reports that may help streamline information you need.
Direct Deposit
With this service, employees’ wages are deposited into their accounts automatically. For their records, Direct Deposit statements are distributed with reference to the account and the amount that is deposited. Employers receive a detailed report of all Direct Deposit transactions.
Employee Assistance Program Services

Each day the employees of your Business/Company contribute their time and talents to the services that Rochester has grown to depend on. Their success is the organization's success.

Because managers have acknowledged that alcoholism, family and marital problems, chronic stress, financial and other problems cause not only personal pain, but can compromise a staff member's effectiveness, the company has wisely chosen to review Employee Assistance Program support.

Click here to go to our EAP Services page.


Tax Payment Services
This service automatically files and pays Federal withholding, FICA, FUI (federal unemployment insurance), State withholding, SUI (state unemployment insurance) and local withholding taxes. It also assumes full responsibility and timeliness of these payroll tax returns. This service includes automatic enrollment in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EPTS) which meets IRS requirements for businesses that must electronically deposit Form 940/941 payroll taxes.
Check Signing & Insertion
With Check Signing & Inserting, USA Payroll applies the authorized signatures to your payroll checks, then inserts the checks and direct deposit statements in secured envelopes so your payroll is ready to be distributed the minute it arrives. With this service, you can be out of the office on payday and know your employees are being taken care of.
Human Resources Module
Written to complement our payroll product, our Human Resource Module includes numerous H/R fields, allowing for true integration from both payroll and H/R departments. The data is stored within the user’s file server so employee input may be saved, used and printed immediately.

With our HR AnswerLink and HR On Demand services, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our one-stop Human and On-line Resource Support Center for solutions to your Human Resources needs.  To subscribe to these services contact us at (585) 427-2010 or email:


Adaptable and designed to cater to your complex payroll needs, USA Payroll's evolution is designed to automate the entire process of payroll management - from time and attendance and human resource integration to general ledger input. It is compatible with numerous accounting packages, GL and electronic time clock systems.

Evolution from USA Payroll is a revolutionary system that utilizes a multi-tier structure and features a 32-bit architecture for one of the fastest, most powerful and most reliable payroll applications on the market.

For more information about EVOLUTION and to view a demo go to our Software Download page or <CLICK HERE>.

Section 125 Plan
This service enables you to provide a way of obtaining favorable tax treatments on benefits already offered. With Section 125 of the IRS Code, employee contributions are deducted from their wages before taxes which gives them a lower taxable wage, which means more take-home pay. You pay less in social security (FICA) taxes.
Standard Reports

We have over 100 standard reports at your disposal. We’ve listed our top10 most popular reports. Click on the ones that interest you for brief descriptions.

  • 401(k) Report
  • Direct Deposit Report
  • General Ledger
  • Input Worksheet
  • MTD/QTD/YTD Report
  • New Hire Reports
  • Payroll Register- YTD, QTD Employer Taxes
  • Payroll Tax Report
  • Time Off Accrual History Report
  • Workers’ Compensation Report
Custom Reports
Need a custom report for your payroll then we can have it done. We can create or modify any existing reports. Contact your payroll specialist for further information.
New York State DBL

What is Statutory DBL Insurance?
Statutory Disability Benefits Law (DBL) Insurance is a state mandated benefit designed to provide temporary cash payments to a disabled employee if the disability is a result of a non–occupational injury, accident or illness.

When do benefits apply?
DBL benefits may be paid in the following ways:

  1. To an actively employed worker to partially replace wages lost during a period of disability: or
  2. To an unemployed worker to replace, in part, lost unemployment insurance benefits due to an injury, accident or illness.

To learn more please contact USA Payroll at 585.427.2010 and one of our payroll specialists will assist you.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

The Hartford’s Exact Pay Workers’ Compensation Plan is a program which allows USA Payroll clients to pay their Workers’ Compensation premiums over the course of the year. Clients pay Workers’ Compensation premiums as they are earned on their individual payroll frequency basis. This product is a defined partnership between USA Payroll and The Hartford.

Product features include:
  • No down payment, (except for state expense constant usually less than $200.00)
  • True Workers’ Compensation costs a calculated by ACTUAL payroll.
  • Predictable premiums each payroll cycle
  • Premiums paid electronically
  • No large premium/audit surprises at the end of the policy period
  • Seamless renewal
  • Return–to–work programs including care management and modified duty positions
  • A managed care program (subject to state regulations)
Background Checks

“We’re committed to providing you with fast, accurate and inexpensive search information for all your pre-employment screening needs to dramatically reduce or eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong people.”

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